Affiliate Program

IPOR Protocol's Affiliate Program rewards you for referring LPs and traders to the IPOR DApp.

  1. Generate your referral link by connecting your wallet to the IPOR-dedicated Fuul landing page.

  2. Share and promote your referral link within your community.

  3. Claim your IPOR token rewards on Arbitrum.



In the case of deposits, the rewards are calculated as follows:

👉 Deposited amount * 0.4%

For example, if your referee deposits 10,000 USDC, you will get:

💰 10,000 * 0.4% = 40 USDC worth of IPOR token rewards


In the case of swaps, the calculation is:

👉 Swap notional * 0.0075%

For example, if a user deposits $1000 worth of wstETH collateral and gets x300 leverage, his notional will be 1000 x 300 = $300,000

💰 300,000 * 0.0075% = $22.5 in $IPOR

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