IPOR Protocol


IPOR aims to be fully on-chain and decentralized. This is done via a clear road map for progressive decentralization. The first step is set by IPOR Labs who are building the core protocol. In the second step, 3-6 months later, IPOR labs will create a snapshot voting page to allow the community to vote on modifying IPOR and developing new products. Finally, IPOR then plans to mature to a fully community-driven DAO. IPOR Labs will transfer ownership into the IPOR DAO, and complete ownership and control of the IPOR protocol will be in the IPOR token holders. IPOR labs will continue to participate and make proposals; however, the ultimate approval will be in a decentralized manner via the DAO. Progressive Decentralization?
We are aware of the limitations of having complete decentralization at the beginning. Thus IPOR Labs sets itself out to build and iterate on the IPOR index initially with the community's help in a transparent manner to allow for feedback and time before the changes take effect. The project's ethos is outlined in the IPOR Manifesto, which acts as a guideline for protocol development.
Over time, IPOR will slowly move towards full DAO governance and ownership over the protocol so that it may be completely community-driven. This includes the community treasury and updates to the protocol. IPOR Labs will continue to actively participate in community discussions and, hopefully, a future contributor (DAO willing).