Working with IPOR Router

IPOR Protocol utilizes a diamond proxy pattern to interact with every contract in the suite. The IPOR Router is an entry point to the entire IPOR Protocol. To interact with IPOR, you should call the methods directly on the router. The calls will be delegated to the relevant contract.

Calling functions on the router from Etherscan

Etherscan does not allow importing ABI for the contract that uses the structure of Diamond Proxy. The "one proxy - many implementations" pattern is not yet supported at the time of writing this documentation.

If you still want to use Etherscan to interact with the IPOR Router, you can do it by using custom ABI:

  1. Given you are logged in to Etherscan, go to

  2. Click "Add."

  3. Fill the form with the following:

    1. Title: IPOR Protocol

    2. Address: 0x16d104009964e694761C0bf09d7Be49B7E3C26fd

After adding this custom setup, you can call the functions directly on the IPOR Router. Etherscan, as long as you're logged in, will show more methods when you open the router page:

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