IPOR Token

The IPOR token is the protocol's native token issued to the parties involved with the project: builders, investors, liquidity providers, and the like. It's an ERC20 token issued on L1 Ethereum.

Total supply

At the inception, 100.000.000 tokens were minted and transferred to all appointed addresses:


Bridged IPOR:

The minting function has been removed from the contract; hence no additional token will ever be minted.


The intention behind the IPOR token is to enable the protocol users to take ownership of the IPOR Protocol as it transitions to a fully decentralized DAO. Everything is geared towards achieving that goal: from the number of tokens, emission strategy, and allocations to how the liquidity mining is designed. The IPOR Protocol will be DAO governed and the IPOR token is a way to hand over ownership to its users.

IPOR, IPOR Token, and Power IPOR logos are available here.

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