Configuration Parameters

The parameters listed below have been decided upon for the launch of the IPOR network. These parameters will go to governance and may be changed, updated, added to, or eliminated by the IPOR DAO.


  • Max swap collateral amount: 100.000 stable (2000stETH)

  • Maximum allowed utilization for issuing derivatives: 80%

  • Maximum allowed utilization for a given leg: up to 48% (actual value determined by the risk engine )

  • Maximum allowed utilization to withdraw liquidity: 100%

  • Minimum leverage: 10x

  • Maximum leverage: 1000x (actual leverage is determined by the risk engine)

  • Max liquidity provided by one address: 10.000.000 stable


  • time before the maturity when the position is put up for community liquidation: 1 hour

  • time before the maturity when the position can be closed by the owner without offsetting: 6 hours.

  • profit or loss of the derivative - makes it available for community liquidation: 99%

Asset Management

  • level of cash reserves not delegated to money markets:

    • USDT, DAI, USDC: 5%

    • stETH: N/A


Spread params are constants that reflect the current spread model based on recent market conditions. It is intended to update those parameters periodically as the market conditions change.


  • opening fee rate: 0.0005

  • Withdrawal from the liquidity pool: 0.5% (more info)

  • IPOR publication fee rate: 10 stable (USDC, USDT, DAI) or 0.005stETH

  • Part of the opening fee set aside for DAO: 50%

  • Liquidation deposit amount: 20 stable (USDC, USDT, DAI). or 0.01stETH

  • Address to which the publication fee can be transferred: TBD

  • Address to which the income fee can be transferred: TBD

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