Token distribution model

Minting and burning

One hundred million (100,000,000) IPOR tokens were minted at inception. The mint function is not available beyond the initial mint. Likewise, there is no burning method. The IPOR token is a simple non-upgradeable ERC20 contract.

Token allocation

All vesting mentioned below starts at TGE.

ShareWhoVesting detailsWallet Address


DAO Treasury

Governed by IPOR DAO


Liquidity mining

Emission of 1.05 tokens per block. Can be adjusted by the DAO.



No vesting. To be used by the DAO


Core Team

Linear vesting over 3 years. No cliff.



Linear vesting over 3 years. No cliff.

Multiple vesting walllets


Retroactive Rewards

85,200 unlocked from 18.01.2023. 305,000 vesting 6 months from the same date.

Inflation rate

The IPOR Token emission starts with retroactive rewards for early protocol users, followed by IPOR's Liquidity Mining model (Power Tokens). The initial liquidity mining emission rate started at 10,800 pwIPOR tokens per day for the first 3 months.

Issuance details are displayed in the chart below.

Further Liquidity Mining Adjustments

After a successful vote in IPOR's Economic Working Group on April 25, 2023, the inflation rate was adjusted to 7,560 pwIPOR per day (0.35 tokens per block, per pool).

With the launch of the stETH pool on October 12, 2023, emissions were increased again to 10,800 per day.

Through IIP-13, the Economics Workgroup was authorized to make regular adjustments to the amount of total Liquidity Mining pwIPOR emissions and the allocation to individual liquidity pools. The changes were announced in the Discord channel #the-pool.

The following table shows the history of emission adjustments:

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