Discord - Formal Governance

Major decisions regarding the workings of the app, business development, marketing collaborations, strategy, and Protocol have to pass a formal vote.

🚨 Only pwIPOR token holders can vote on formal governance proposals.

Initial proposal ideas should be discussed less formally in the #open-governance Discord channel. After formalization with the corresponding proposal structure (template below), the proposal moves to the #formal-governance channel in Discord where the discussion is finalized.

Any governance proposal posted in the #formal-governance channel must follow this template:

  • Summary: Provide a brief overview of the proposal and its potential impact. For extensive proposals, please add an abstract.

  • Problem/issue: Describe the problem or perceived issue that needs to be addressed.

  • Solution: Present the proposed solution and how it helps achieve the desired goal.

  • KPIs: What are the Key Performance Indicators to track successful completion? Any milestones?

  • Timeline & reporting: Deadline and timeline for the milestones and completion, as well as how it will be reported.

  • Discussion:

- Pros and Cons: Highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the proposal.

- Open Questions: Identify open questions and areas for feedback.

  • Resources: Identify skills required and necessary budget.

  • How you can help: Indicate if and how you can help implement this proposal.

  • Further information: Provide relevant links, resources, and additional information for participant education.

You can find and copy/paste the template directly in Discord under Post Guidelines:

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