DeWork - Feature Requests

The IPOR community governance enables members to suggest features for the IPOR Labs team to build.

These features relate to minor changes like UX/UI improvements, visualizations, swap or pool functionality, dashboards within the IPOR DApp, etc. The IPOR team will dedicate 10% of its resources to developing these features. The amount of resources spent by the IPOR team is expected to increase over time as the project becomes more decentralized to the point where the IPOR team works entirely for the DAO.

🚨 Once a DAO Member has an idea for a feature, they should create a Feature Request suggestion directly in DeWork following the dedicated template. Access IPOR's DeWork spaces here.

Other DAO Members can upvote these requests so the most desirable features get the attention of the IPOR team.

The top features will be moved to the To Do column of the Feature Request board in DeWork to be executed by the IPOR Labs team.

The template for Feature Requests to be used when adding a suggestion is:

  • Summary: Provide a brief overview of the suggestion and its potential impact. What should be done, why, and how?

Example: “As a SUBJECT (i.e. Trader, LP, etc) I want a FEATURE (i.e. see the summary of all my positions) so that BUSINESS VALUE (I can assess my holdings inside IPOR Protocol).”

  • Solution: What does the optimal solution look like?

  • KPIs: Provide the KPIs that can measure the success of the solution.

  • How you can help: Indicate willingness to assist in implementing the suggestion and outline any potential support. Additional support may include mock-ups or illustrations of how you’d like the suggested feature to be implemented.

You can access the template directly in DeWork here:

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