Discord - Proposals for Work and Community Tasks

The IPOR community is encouraged to actively participate in the DAO by submitting tasks and executing them.

DAO Members can contribute to the success of IPOR with their work and be financially (or in other ways) compensated if the community agrees with their proposed compensation.

Tasks can be proposed by any community member who has earned access to the governance tools (by going through this tutorial), while execution can either be done by them or by other community members who have the skills or knowledge required for the task.

DAO Members should describe their idea for a task by creating a post in the #open-governance forum channel on IPOR’s Discord and following this template:

  • Summary: What should be done, why, and how?

  • Solution: What does the optimal solution look like?

  • KPIs: What are the Key Performance Indicators to track successful completion? Any milestones?

  • Timeline and reporting: Deadline and timeline for the milestones and completion, as well as how it will be reported.

  • Resources: Identify skills required and necessary budget.

  • How you can help: Indicate if and how you can help implement this proposal.

  • Further Information: Provide relevant links, resources, and additional information.

The above template is already available in Discord under Post Guidelines. Here is how to create a new proposal by copying the template:

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