Proposal Types

IPOR community members can share their improvement ideas in the form of proposals.

There are four types of proposals:

  • Proposal for Work / Community Task - These types of proposals are created by community members that want to propose a task and execute it themselves or suggest someone else do it. These two types of proposals share a single template and should first be posted in the #open-governance forum on Discord.

  • Formal Governance Proposal - Major decisions about changes in Protocol parameters and tokenomics that have to pass an official vote by pwIPOR holders in Snapshot. FGPs also have a dedicated template and are initially posted in the #formal-governance channel on Discord.

  • IPORIAN Task - These proposals are created by IPORIANs only.

  • Feature Request - Proposals by the IPOR community for tasks to be completed by the IPOR Labs team. Feature requests have a dedicated template and are posted directly on DeWork.

Each of the proposal types (apart from "feature requests") must be indicated when creating a proposal by adding one of the Level 1 ( 1️⃣ ) tags:

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